The majestic waterfalls at Shivanasamudram

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It was a lovely weekend morning and my Brother in law was visiting us from Pune. Me and my wife decided to take him out on a long drive to some scenic locations on the banks of river Kaveri. Shivanasamudgram was suggested by several of my friends as a good place to visit and initially it was a location I was saving for a long weekend motorcycle ride. But today its going to be us and our reliable Honda City.

In addition to me, my wife and BIL. My friend Ram also joined us for the trip and the 4 of us headed out by 6:30 AM. The roads leading up to Kanapura and the state highway from there to Shivanasamudram were in great condition and also very scenic farmlands all around. We reached the falls main gate around 8:30 AM and we were told the gates will open only by 9AM.

So we walked around and killed few minutes and the gates opened earlier than 9AM. Once we paid a very nominal parking fee for the car, we were allowed to drive down about 500m to the parking lot close to the falls view point.

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The falls was about a 100 meters from the place where we parked the cars. And coming up to the falls the view was just breath taking. I really didn't expect this to be so big and beautiful.

We spent the next few minutes taking pictures of the falls. We noticed that there was a stairs that leads to the bottom of the falls to take a closer look, but the security personnel did not allow anyone to go through those on that day.

I later leant that there was an accident few weeks back and so the visitor access was closed. It was opened later after a month or so, when I visited  the same place with my friends as a motorcycle trip. More on that on a separate blog.

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Overall this is an awesome place to visit for anyone who is living in Bangalore. Its just couple of hours drive through one of the most scenic roads and leads to a amazing weekend experience.

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